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Adoption Day

        Step 1: Educate yourself on the breed and owner responsibilities.

        Step 2: Identify a puppy you are interested in from the 'Our Puppies' page.

        Step 3: Complete the Prospective Owner Application.

        Step 4: Complete the contract and pay deposit, after being approved.

      Step 5: Adoption Day - Pick up your puppy. 


YAY! The day you all have been waiting for has finally arrived. We understand that this can be an exceedingly emotional day filled with a great deal of anticipation and excitement. This is also a big day for your pup, one that will likely come with some adjustment and even some potential fear for them as they leave their dog family for the first time. We want this day to be special and memorable for both of you, so please plan enough time to make a reasonable transition/exchange.



     Step 5. Once a completed contract is obtained with the deposit, the cavalier pup will be held for you until the full adoption process can take place (which is usually tied to the pup turning 8 weeks of age).

           a. We currently leave it up to the adopter to make travel arrangements to

               acquire their puppy from us. When and where your puppy is picked up is

               managed on a case by case basis. Flying puppies unattended as cargo is

               exceedingly risky, and is not recommended.

          b. We work hard to send weekly updates about how your puppy is growing so

              that you can be a part of their developmental process.

          c. You are also welcome to arrange a visit ahead of time to see your puppy

              before they are able to go home. These are arranged appointments, and

              not unannounced visits. 

Picking Up Your Puppy

      When your puppy reaches at least 8 weeks of age, and the day has arrived for you to pick-up your special package, you will have needed to:

         a. pay the balance of your contract. Arrangements will be made on a case by

             case basis as to how this will be executed. However, please be aware that

             we do not accept checks of any sort (personal, cashier, or money orders). If a

             balance is due at the time you pickup your puppy, payments are made via

             Venmo or cash (a receipt will be provided for all cash transactions).

         b. come prepared with appropriate supplies for your journey: a kennel, blankets,

             and cleaning supplies. We will provide a care package of food, water,

             leash, and baggies. You will also likely want to capture that first moment

             when you meet your new addition, so make sure your have your camera

             or phone ready.

         c. We will provide copies of all paperwork related to travel: health certificates,

             adoption contract, and AKC registration application paperwork. 



       Depending on the mode and length of travel, many considerations for the care of your new puppy will need to be made. The AKC website offers tips as do many other sites such as

Registering Your Puppy

       Since each of our dogs are registered with AKC, as are each litter, you are able to have your pup registered. Registration is not necessary for pet contracts, but may provide some value to the owners. Registered puppies are provided with 30 days of health insurance through the AKC. Owners may find that maintaining this health insurance is of value, especially during the first year. 

“Dogs do speak, but only to those who know how to listen.”

                                                                                                 – Orhan Pamuk 

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