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Breed Thoughts

The AKC describes the cavalier breed as one of 'dogdom's noblest' due to their all-around beauty, regal grace, and even temper. A toy spaniel no more than 13 inches high, the Cavalier draws you in with their face: The sweet, gentle, melting expression emanating from large, round eyes is a breed hallmark. Another is the silky, richly-colored coat that can be one of four distinct varieties. Here at CVC we have the Tri-Colour (Black/ White/ Tan) and Blenheim (Chestnut/ White) coated cavaliers for adoption. Please learn more about the breed under the Breed Information section of our website.

About Our Wonderful Dog Family


Maile Aulelei

Maile Aulelei means 'beautiful dog' in Samoan. Maile certainly lives up to her name, both inside and out. She has been the epitome of all that is good about cavaliers. She is the sweet companion who sits by you if not always on you. She has retained a very puppy-like look to her face and is proving to be an amazing mother. Maile also comes from exceedingly good champion lines. 

Maile's Pedigree.jpeg

Chickie Nuggie

Chickie Nuggie ‘Nugget’, is a puppy of the beautiful Maile Aulelei. She carries the grace and beauty of her Mother wonderfully into the next generation. This little nugget of happiness brings charm and excitement to the table, showcasing her even and richly colored coat, as well as her insatiable love of playing fetch. Having a remarkably playful and loving temperament, she has been the perfect companion. Coming from good stock, Nugget exemplifies all of the best characteristics of her champion bloodline. See more of her pictures on Instagram @thecrispiestnugget. 

Mi Amore

Mi Amore or Mia for short, shows the grace and beauty of the cavalier breed. We have never met a cavalier with better confirmation than her, added to this is her deep chestnut coloring that makes her a true beauty. Mia has a perky disposition and an amazing sense of smell (which sometimes can get her looking into places we would prefer her not to be). Mia's direct lineage is from the Czech Republic, which is annotated on her AKC pedigree. Mia was retired in early 2023 after developing pyometra following a transcervical procedure.

Mia's Pedigree.jpeg

Meet Our Newest Additions...

Are you looking for a companion or wanting to add an adorable addition to your family? Then look no further. Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are a cheerful, friendly, and loving breed of small dogs. They are described by the American Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club, Inc. (ACKCSC) and the American Kennel Club (AKC) as active, graceful, yet gentle and affectionate. Their elegance and natural beauty require no trimming or high maintenance to maintain.


Maile (TS38019302)  x  Scout (RH Ten Shakespeare) (TS33720101)

Please fill out an owner application if you are interested in our puppies!

Maile was bred to a Blenheim male named Scout on Jan. 2, 2024.  She had a litter of 6 Blenheim pups (3 male and 3 females) born March 2, 2024.  Their pictures on the "Our Puppies" page shortly. These puppies will be ready to go to their forever homes the end of April 2024.    

Planned Additions ( September 2024)...

Our next breeding plans are for the girls to be partnered again with Blenheim studs. These pairings will produce all Blenheim litters. We will expect those pups in January. For those who fill out a Prospective Owner Application, we will keep you informed of who the planned sires will be, the date of breeding, expected delivery dates, tips for preparing for your new arrival, and more. We hope to provide an experience that is more than just a transaction for those adopting from us. 

Special Breedings


If you would like to arrange a special breeding that produces other coat colors: Ruby, or Black and Tan, we will consider these under contract only. To understand how the genetics of cavalier coat color works, please see Workman and Robinson (1991) Journal of Animal Breeding and Genetics, 108, pp. 66-68, or for a graphic display see the work attributed to R. Powell (2004): Cavalier Coat Color Inheritance.

Meet Your 'Furrever' Companion Today

Visits to our home to meet your future companion are encouraged, but are by appointment only. Please, no unexpected drop-ins.

113 East 3850 South
Nibley, UT


Who We Are

     We are Cache Valley Cavaliers, a small home-based breeder nestled in the Cache Valley area of northern Utah. Our cavaliers are part of our family and live with us. We raise our pups in our living room, where they are socialized, loved, and cleaned daily. 

     We are committed to the breed standards and breeder guidelines put forth by the AKC and ACKCSC. With respects to breed characteristics and standards, we place highest priority on temperament, then confirmation, size, and color. In our opinion, without the fun and loving disposition that should be characteristic of all cavaliers, you only have a pretty dog. 

     Please look for the information and links under the Breed Information section on this site. It is our desire to help each and every prospective owner find the perfect partner. To help accomplish this, it is incumbent upon every prospective owner to educate themselves on the care, health, and requirements for being a responsible and loving cavalier owner.  

     Thank you for supporting us with our mission and values!

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